Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Called by a new name...Isaiah 62:2

FYI: A no longer wants to be A. She now wishes to be called Sacagawea.
We were discussing her name the other morning when she suddenly announced she didn't like her name. Believe me, Sacagawea is the better of the two alternatives she stated were her favorites.

Sunday she insisted on being called Sacagawea. All the time. You think that is funny? Try yelling "Sacagawea" out the front door to call your child inside to see how funny it is. I'm very thankful we don't have any neighbors within earshot. She beamed whenever anyone remembered to call her Sacagawea without her prompting. Someday she might even understand the nickname M called her: SacaPotatoes. On Monday I was able to slip in "A" a few times without being noticed. On Tuesday, she still liked Sacagawea, but she learned that Mom has a hard enough time keeping four names straight, and it helps a lot just to continue answering to "A."

I haven't had to use Sacagawea yet today. I hope it was just a passing fancy that has passed. I'll keep calling her Sacagawea once in awhile. Otherwise she may insist on her other choice, Huckle.

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Rachael said...

Huckle's pretty cute too. :)
You've probably heard this story before, but this reminds me of my sisters -- When Francie was little and she decided she would only answer to "Franciska". Then Natalie wanted to get in on that action and declared she would only answer to "Nat the Brat". Typical Nat, huh.