Friday, February 29, 2008

Ye shall find rest...Jeremiah 6:16

Wow! Three weeks since I've posted! I do have a lot to post about, just not enough time to post. If it wasn't for Shereen's Sew Crafty Friday, I probably wouldn't be posting now.

Here is a crocheted case I put together yesterday:

The younger kids don't have room in their violin cases for their shoulder rests, which means that they are often "lost" in the vehicle after music lessons. Friday morning practice sessions usually start off with renditions of "Oh, where is my shoulder rest?" In discussing this ongoing problem yesterday before lessons, it was decided that a little case to keep the shoulder rest in would be helpful.

I put this together out of some variegated blue yarn that we had.

Bottom: Chain 6, join, then sc 2 stitches in each stitch. I happened to use a sz. G hook for this project. Continue in this manner until the bottom is as big around as you need it. When the correct diameter is reached, simply sc in each stitch to build up the sides. After about five rows up I decided it was going too slow, so I switched to dc. When it was the height I wished it to be, I did a row of tc*, switching back to dc and sc at the end so the top would be smooth. I then made a chain long enough to use as a drawstring and wove it through the tc stitches.

That was it! If it works well enough, I might make another for the other child.

While I was making it I realized that the pattern looked familiar...almost like some blue camo pajamas the boys have.
Now they think I need to get some more yarn and make them some slippers to match their pajamas!

I'll update some more later. Maybe today (don't hold your breath), but probably next month!

*I actually don't know if I did a true triple crochet stitch or something else. It has been too long since I've crocheted anything.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Dogs eat crumbs...Matthew 15:27

This is what I found when I came into the kitchen yesterday morning...This stuffed doggie used to be M's but it was passed down to the younger kids. I believe its current name is America.

The kids had put America up at the table in a highchair. He even has a few crumbs in front of him to eat. Lucky dog!
As you can see, the kids were quite creative with adjusting the height of the not-too-highchair.

Unfortunately, the Dog doesn't have a problem reaching the table. After I packed up the cookies for the potluck tomorrow, I left a few extra on a tray for our supper...on the table.

A little while ago I heard some suspicious sounds coming from the kitchen. I investigated and found a cookie face down on the floor. Since the Dog was standing there licking it, I decided the evidence was more than circumstantial and sent him to his crate with a stern "Bad Dog!" I didn't really care about the cookie, but he knows better than to take stuff from the counters or table. He's welcome to take any crumbs he can find on the floor. Maybe he thinks that since America is allowed at the table, he is also.

Wood to fire...Proverbs 26:21

Last Sabbath our nephew turned 10! On Sunday we went to his birthday party. It almost didn't happen since their power went off Saturday night and, more or less, stayed off. We decided to go anyway. They asked us to bring a bit of wood for their fireplace so we could have some heat. They just moved into the house a few months ago and didn't have a good supply of wood yet.

They also let us know that their driveway wasn't plowed and we would have to park at the road and walk. That didn't seem like a big deal until we got there and realized they were counting the road that only they live on as their driveway! The Man had to stop and put chains on his 4wd pickup in order to get up to their road. Once we parked, everyone got on their snow gear, clambered up over the snow berm, and walked the 1/4 mile to the house. Fortunately there was a path stamped down. In all, the snow was probably about 4 feet deep.

Here is The Man pulling a load of wood from the truck to the house on our sled.
This was certainly a birthday our nephew will never forget! He had requested veggie-hot dogs and french fries. The hot dogs were eaten cold and the french fries were put in an aluminum pan in the fire place. They weren't as crispy as oven fries, but with a few ashes mixed in, it was just like camping!

Since the birthday cake hadn't been made before the power went out, here is the cake replacement my niece made...

Aren't they pretty? They were yummy also. Graham crackers with a vegan cream cheese, tofu and icing, topped with cherries or peaches. There may have been something else in that mixture, but I think that was everything. The cherry ones were really good. I didn't try the peach.

The kids had a great time sledding after the meal and then we had to rush back home so The Man could work in the ER that night.

We're glad they didn't cancel the party just because the power was out!

Love one another...John 13:34

Here is my Sew Crafty Friday project. Not very crafty, but it’s the closest we’ve come this week!

Tomorrow we are having the monthly fellowship dinner at church. Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, we’re taking heart-shaped sugar cookies.*
We wrote Bible verses on them about love. Last year we decorated the tables with heart-shaped paper cut-outs with the entire verse on them, but with the icing we were only able to get the text or a few words. The kids are still working on some more!

Check out Shereen's blog for some real crafty stuff!

Here are just a few of the verses that we used:
Psalm 116:1
John 14:15
John 15:13
John 15:17
1 Corinthians 2:9
1 Corinthians 13:13
Galatians 5:22-23
1 John 4:7
1 John 4:19

I have pictures for at least two other blog posts, we’ll see if I can get them up this weekend.

*By the way, does anyone have a wonderful sugar cookie recipe? I used the Better Homes & Garden cook book recipe. They're ok, but I think they could be better.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Not a...razor...Judges 16:17

These pictures were taken last Friday night. I'm still insisting that The Man's beard is too rough and sharp, but the Dog doesn't seem to mind.

Apparel of blue...Esther 8:14

Hi! I just took a few pictures for my Sew Crafty Friday project...then the battery in my camera died. As soon as that is charged up I will put the picture of Liesl's dress here:
Finally! Here it is:

It needs ironing, threads clipped, and another snap on the back, but Sacagawea hasn't let me have it back yet. Liesl doesn't seem to mind.

I did it on the machine rather than by hand. The fabric, eyelet, and notions were all in my craft closet so I didn't need to buy anything other that pattern. I'm not quite sure if that is good or bad.

We made it safely to music lessons and back home yesterday. Whew. I almost decided not to go, but when I went out to see about putting the chains on the front wheels, M had already shoveled the snow out of the way. He
really wanted to go. Fine.

We went and dropped off the van at the hospital. It took us 45 minutes to get there (usually 15-20 minutes) since we had to go really slow with the chains.
Once there, the kids transferred their stuff to the truck while I scraped the 6 inches of snow off the truck's windshield that had accumulated since The Man got there in the morning. The Man saw us arrive and stood out in the ambulance bay to wave to us. Just as I got the windshield clear I could see the snow on the roof start to slide. All the snow from the roof then slid onto the windshield. I had to laugh. After I re-scraped the windshield we were on our way.

It took a bit longer than usual, and we did have to have our tires inspected at the chain check-point, but we made it there and back without incident. I drove the truck on home and The Man brought the van home this morning. He removed the chains before leaving the hospital so I'll have to go put those back on sometime.

The Man is napping. I need to go wake him up for lunch. Have a great weekend!