Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Every bitter thing is sweet...Psalm 27:7

All ready for church!

I know, it is pretty pathetic that this is only my 12th blog post of the year when last October I had 13 posts the entire month. What can I say? I'm a busy woman and I'd much rather spend my "spare" time staring at that wonderful face above than blogging! Ok, here is an October update on G with vain promises that I'll catch up on the other exciting stuff later...

This past week has been spent trying to find a suitable recipe to make a birthday cake for G. Yes, next Sunday the little guy has his birthday. It is not easy to find gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, oat-free, nut-free, whatever-else-he's-allergic-to-free recipes. Then I complicate that matter by trying to find a recipe for (1) a cake that (2) sounds like it tastes like we would want to eat it, and (3) is made with ingredients I can actually buy. Ha! I have a bag of xanthan gum sitting in the refrigerator just waiting for the sorghum flour that is supposed to arrive with the co-op order tomorrow (that's something I never dreamed I would say). Then I can experiment some more with some interesting recipes I found on the 'net. Wheeeeee.

I tried this one on Sunday made with Ener-G Egg Replacer. It was sort of ok, but I'm not a huge fan of bittersweet chocolate. Personally, I would try semi-sweet chocolate if I made it again. I'm not sure if it would have been different with real eggs, but this was very dense, like fudge. I'll hang on to the recipe, but I don't think it will make the cut for G's birthday cake. I'm not sure I could properly stick a candle in it!

Speaking of bittersweet...part of me is sad my baby is growing up. I'm not quite done enjoying the baby stage! He is walking and running all over the house, climbing everywhere, and doing his best to keep up with the older kids. He loves "reading" his books just like the olders. I love that he is growing and developing as he should, but I do savor the times (now fewer) that he just snuggles in my arms and goes to sleep.

He is learning by example what to do and when. Within the past few weeks we realized that he is clasping his own hands together to pray before meals. Last Sunday I took him and Sacagawea with me to a women's brunch. When the prayer was said before the meal, he clasped his hands together and held them together for several minutes until I got my food and put some cut-up grapes on the tray. He knew the food would get there eventually!

He is a very good eater. He loves the food he is allowed to have.
Slurping up some spaghetti squash

He's not saying a lot of real words, but he does babble quite a bit. He says "this" whenever he picks up a new item. By his mannerisms and actions, I'm convinced he is asking, "What's this?" He definitely knows his own name.

I'm still processing the whole allergy situation. I'm slowly finding out enough to make me pray even harder that he outgrows it...soon! Bathing is a challenge. He loves the tub so much, but we limit his time in the water due to his sensitive skin.

Marks on his shoulders from scratching himself

Scratching those ankles!

I am so very thankful that despite his obvious discomfort at times, he truly is a happy baby with a wonderful disposition.
Belly laughs for Mama

Showing off all his teeth

He is a joy and we all feel so blessed to be a part of his family.
All 5 playing together with the Duplo blocks we got out for G.