Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Three months...2 Samuel 6:11

I was a bit late getting Baby S on the scales for her 3-month weigh-in. Tonight before her bath I remembered! She weighs just a hair under 11 pounds and is 22 1/2" long. This was up from the 10 pounds and 21 1/4" that she measured at 2 months.

Guess what else I did tonight? I went and got the box that had been sitting on my dresser since before her birth. I opened the box and removed the baby book! After finding a pen, I sat down and filled in all the information I had available (the book has places to fill in weekly weights until six weeks...that didn't happen!) and looked over the rest. Why is that exciting? Because even though all the children have baby books, I'm sure at least one of them is still blank, and the others are sorely lacking information.

I usually record important milestones on the calendars and I've kept all of those so I do have records. I just need to sort through those dates and fill in the baby books.