Friday, May 21, 2010

Shall thirst again...John 4:13

G is almost 19 months old now. He still isn't inclined to speak other than a few choice words. I call it "Fifth Child Syndrome." Another friend has referred to it as "Little Prince Syndrome." Why speak when so many people will do or get whatever you want in answer to a point or a grunt?

S has been consistent with using some sign language with G, and G uses those signs quite frequently...sort of. The sign for water is 3 fingers touched to the lip or cheek. However, whenever G wants water, he smacks himself upside the head. It reminds me of the old "could've had a V8" commercials. He doesn't do it only when he wants someone else to get him water. Sometimes he will be sitting by himself on the couch looking at a book. He'll smack himself on the head, look around, spy his sippy cup on the floor, and get down to get himself a drink. I think that is just his way of talking to himself!

Here is a short video M took the other night while we were waiting for The Man to run an errand in the hospital. S is egging him on to try to get him to "say" water, hence all the giggles.

He will also make the sign when he wants to wash his hands or when he sees a lot of water, like at a water fall. Those times he will smack his head with BOTH hands.

Everything else is going ok, just busy! I'll try to post a pregnancy update later.