Friday, March 12, 2010

Eat and be full...Deuteronomy 11:15

The Man was quite shocked to see me standing in the kitchen making 4 different recipes on Wednesday. He was used to coming home and finding me on the couch the past few weeks, as I haven't been feeling too well. I suddenly got a burst of energy and a craving for a lot of different foods, so I managed to fill the freezer. I hope to be able to eat some of it, but everything has smelled and tasted funny to me lately.

More often than not, our recipes have been leaning towards gluten-free since both G and J are on a gf diet now. I wanted something else. I wanted bread, homemade gluten, and gluten roast. Those are divided up and in the freezer for when I want a bit of gluten for my meal. I also made some gf oat burgers for J (G is allergic to oats) to have when the others are eating garden burgers.

I think The Man is glad I can make my own food again. He was trying to cater to me, but between the time I would request some food and he actually brought it to me, I would sometimes change my mind. Fortunately, he's dealt with that a few times before, so he didn't take it too personally.

Today The Man brought home a little machine from the office and we got to hear the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of our newest family member. He (if G gets a baby brother) or she (if Sacagawea gets a baby sister) should be here around the beginning of October. We are so blessed!


Rachael said...

I knew from the first sentence! lol.


C said...

Hooray! :oD

Lori said...

You are CRAZY!!! Congrats!!