Saturday, October 06, 2012

Let his spittle fall down...1 Samuel 21:13

G is turning into a little man.  His maturity and helpfulness are such a blessing compared to the antics of some of his siblings.  The only real challenges with him are his allergies and his speech (which we suspect is allergy-related).  His big brothers are his translators when I can't understand him, but that is beginning to change.  Slowly, he is becoming accustomed to saying words with the correct sounds.  Sometimes I have to have him repeat phrases several times before I can put it together with the context and decipher the meaning.

Today after church we were sitting on my bed and he was telling me something absolutely hilarious.  At least he thought it was funny; I couldn't understand.  After about six tries I finally got it.  My immediate elation at finally understanding him was slightly tempered by the realization of what he said:
I like to slobber on my arm.  It is just like lotion.
I suppose maturity is relative.

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