Monday, June 26, 2006

All things work together for good...Rom. 8:28

S coined a new word yesterday: Awesomistic.

We have been studying Sword Fighting. In our daily review yesterday S was asked one of the questions, “What will you do when you are tempted to be pessimistic?”

His reply involved a mispronunciation, probably combining the intended word optimistic with pessimistic. “I will be awesomistic because it is written: ‘All things work together for good…’”

Optimistic – Expecting a favorable outcome

Awesomistic – Expecting the very best outcome

Even though it was 102.7° yesterday, the children were awesomistic they would find a way to keep cool.

Even though this was not one of the kids’ lifelike toys that was found in the utility room yesterday. I am awesomistic that it took care of any bugs that happened to be out there. I’m also grateful that I was not the one who discovered it, that it is harmless, and especially that it is now living happily in the flowerbed outside.

One more:

We discovered we had no water right before going to bed last night. The man did a cursory examination of the well house and couldn’t discover a solution. He decided whatever it was could wait until the morning light. I was awesomistic that…that…that…

This morning the man cleaned some dead ants out from around the switch on the well. We have water again. Another happy ending.

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