Thursday, June 29, 2006

He closed the book...Luke 4:20

What is this?

a. A pile of books

b. The kid section of the Near-perfect little valley’s public library

c. What The Man found under J’s covers the other night

If you chose “a” you’re taking an easy, albeit correct, route.
If you chose “b” you’re almost right about the number of books in the library smaller than our living room.
If you chose “c” you know that our son takes after his parents.

“I’m having a hard time sleeping because I hear pages turning.” is S’s way of tattling without tattling. When tucking J in at night I know to sweep my hand under his pillow on the top bunk to make sure there aren’t any contraband books. Apparently we need to do a full bed search also.


Ants, Part II:

On Monday afternoon the children started complaining that they couldn’t refill their water toys because the faucet outside wasn’t working. I called The Man at work to find out what I had to push or pull to get the well pump restarted. Since I could get reception on the cordless phone just outside the well house, but not inside, I would put the phone down outside while I went in to look at whatever he was trying to explain to me. Nice. On one of my trips inside the wind blew the door shut and in the darkness I could see ants sparking as they were making their trek across the switch to retrieve their dead comrades. Hmph. After using a piece of plastic to brush away all the dead ants and jiggling the switch a bit to get rid of all the others stuck in it, the well pump switched back on and we have water again.

The Man brought home some stuff to make the ants to go away…permanently. I dumped some ground cloves on the cords going into the switch. That is supposed to discourage them from using that route. We shall see. Apparently they are attracted to such electrical things.


Tonight we are going to the city for the kid’s final meeting at the church up there. The leaders announced at the last meeting that they are moving away.

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C said...

I recognize some of those books! :o) One of my favorites is The Family That had Everything (But Money). Sound like we have some similarities in those boys. G is forever having to be reput to bed because he thought he'd just read a little more. I can't complain too much because when I was his age, I was in trouble often for reading with a night light under the covers.

Love the pictures. I've got to get on the stick and post some stuff myself. I keep wanting to (have to figure out how first), but then sleep takes precedence, so nothing yet.

Happy fourth and hugs to all from all of us!!