Saturday, June 02, 2007

Prosper and be in health...3 John 2

A quick update while I'm waiting for part of tomorrow's supper to come out of the oven.

We have had HOT weather this week considering we had a frost last week. It was up in the 90s. I hope it is safe to plant our garden now because it will be going in this week.

The killdeer eggs at the church hatched last Wednesday. Sorry, no pictures, but I hear they were cute. The day after I found the blackbirds hatched on the wheel line I went back to verify the number. There were five. A few days later there were four, and yesterday J and I went down there...only three. A wee bit sad until I remember that I'll be trying to keep them out of my garden in a few months!

We packed a picnic lunch and The Dog in the pickup this morning. After church we went and found a nice cool place up in the mountains to eat and play in some water. The kids all climbed up on this rock for a picture.

Sacagawea was in tears when it was over because she couldn't get down by herself. S helped her down. That's what big brothers are for.

Tomorrow morning the kids' music teacher is graduating from homeschool high school. Thursday night the local church school up in the city has its 8th grade graduation. Friday afternoon the local high school (including our neighbor) will have their graduation. I guess it is that time of year!

Tomorrow after the graduation we'll get ready for the Vegetarian Supper Club we've started at church. The Man gives a health talk, then we have an array of vegetarian dishes to sample provided by our members, and finally, "support group" meetings. This will only be the 2nd monthly meeting, so we're still figuring out exactly what we are doing.

Ok, the timer just went off. Time for bed!


The Man's Mother said...

It looks like S is wearing the mysterious "new" hiking boots. I'm glad someone could wear them. Also looks like M is carrying the binoculars from the late Great Grandpa and Grandma. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon--maybe I should have stayed over for it,

Ann said...

The vegetarian supper club sounds very interesting, I'd love to hear more about it.

Lori said...

You cut all the heads off in the picture. I'm curious what your kids look like these days. Its been a while.
Lori C.