Sunday, May 27, 2007

Preach...Jonah 3:2

The Man is working in the ER today so I went down to the field this evening to move the irrigation wheel line. At first I couldn't see anything, but as soon as I lifted the cover many little blackbird beaks started waving in the air. Too bad I didn't take any regurgitated worms down there with me.

On the mover...

A close up...

I decided to leave the wheel line alone for the evening. I'll let The Man move it tomorrow.

Here's my oldest baby. He preached his first sermon yesterday. In the interest of fair reporting, this is
not a picture of him preaching. I ran the video camera from the back of the church and didn't snap still pictures. After the service M got back up at the podium and posed for me.

He spoke about Jonah (how he ran from God) and Elijah (how he ran from Jezebel) and then about how Noah and Abram did what God wanted them to do even though others did not understand. It was a wonderful first-time sermon and nobody complained about getting out of church a few minutes early.

I was so busy running the video camera that I completely cut out the part of the service where S played "Holy, Holy, Holy" on the piano. I'm not sure how I managed that, but I did. Fortunately he performed an encore for me last night which I did get on video.

He was mildly annoyed with me. "We can't put the people singing in church on the video also." True. However, the people did enjoy the youth service yesterday.

Last week, in anticipation of the service, we pulled out old videos of The Man giving some sermons when he was in 9th or 10th grade...about 22 or 23 years ago we were guessing. The man that did the children's story for one of those church service decades ago is a member of our church up here. He's in his upper 80s now and he had signed up to tell the children's story yesterday. How appropriate and wonderful that was!

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Ann said...

Participating in Youth Day is one of my favorite childhood memories of church. We had a great youth leader who made Youth Day seem like the greatest thing in the world.