Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The empty place...Job 26:7

Hello...lo...lo...Anybody It seems kind of empty, doesn't it? I think I'm too busy to keep up with the blog, but, well, here we go again!

Let's see...since I last posted, we made a trip back east, came home just in time to see our birdies leave the nest, M was baptized , we left on a pack trip to the mountains, we came home, and now we are in the midst of taking care of the church booth at the county fair. I'll update on all that when I'm not sleep-deprived...although updates in my current state would be very interesting.

Final barn swallow pictures:
We arrived home at 5 a.m., a week after we left home. They grew up! We only saw two on the nest at a time, but I did see two others flying around as there were two on the nest, so I think all four survived! Yay!

At first I thought these were the adults since they are so different than the little birds that were there when we left. The Man pointed out the little white markings beside their beaks. Those are juveniles!

Two days later they were gone. This is all we have to remember them by now...
Almost all...I already cleaned off the front step. I DID take a picture of the front step before I cleaned it. Something to remember the birds by...and a reminder of what to expect if we allow them to rebuild there next summer. Document, document, document.


Rachael said...

Kristen is asking when "those kids" are coming back to play. They were just getting warmed up!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Glad to hear your summer is going well. Thanks for going out of your way to come and see us last month, we enjoyed the visit. Your kids are sweet. By the way, I have a blog now too, you can get to it by clicking on my name.
(I erased my first comment because it had a typo.)

Shannon said...

Hi! Didnt know you got to visit the girls. Like lori, I have a blog now too. Inst it fun?
Your babies are getting so grown up.. i still think of A as being a baby.
I saw the camping trip pictures at mom's and it looks like you guys had a really fun time. I cant believe you gave exclusive "potty" privelages to grandma. I would have made her share!
Maybe you should come here for a visit next Grandpa B keeps making the house begger and bigger so there is plenty of room for everyone. lol

Esther said...

You've got some great pics, there, V! The birdies are just beautiful!

Welcome home! :-)