Sunday, August 26, 2007

They that deal truly are His delight...Proverbs 12:22

I haven't blogged lately because whenever I think of it, I ask myself, "Should I blog or feed the kids?" or "Should I blog or pay the bills?" or "Should I blog or take a shower?" Fortunately for those around me, blogging is near the bottom of my priorities. I do have a bit of time right now while the kids are assembling a K'Nex roller coaster we found last week at the Goodwill for $10 so I think I should give an update on our trip last month while I can still remember the details! Warning: This turned into a long post!

Our flight didn't leave from Sacramento until the afternoon, so we were able to get up at a reasonable hour and drive down to the airport. We made it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. While checking in with the airline famous for its cheap fares and unassigned seating, I noticed our boarding cards said we were in the 3rd boarding group. All the previous times we have flown as a family we've pre-boarded due to having young children with us. Since Sacagawea celebrated her 5th birthday since the last time we flew the friendly skies, I asked about the current policy.

"Families flying with children 4 and under get to pre-board." Seeing my dejected look, the employee asked Sacagawea's age. I told her she was five. "Oh, I didn't tell you to do this, but when you get to the boarding gate, just tell them she is four so you can pre-board." Then, turning to Sacagawea, she said, "Honey, you are four today. Okay?"

"No, I'm five!" stated Sacagawea. That's my girl. I restated Sacagawea's correct age and off we went to our gate to stand in line with the rest of the folks assigned to group C. While I do appreciate her willingness to "help" us, I wasn't impressed with her trying to get my daughter (and me) to tell a lie.

When we boarded the plane, the only seats we could find together were at the back...Sacagawea and I sat together, The Man and S sat across the aisle, and M & J sat right behind them in the back row. Inconvenient? Yes, but certainly not worthy of besmirching my character. Wait! What's the big deal? It has since been pointed out to me that many who call themselves Christians wouldn't think twice about telling this little lie. It certainly wouldn't have hurt anybody. Right? Wrong. Nobody at the airline would have cared. The other passengers probably wouldn't have noticed. But I would know. And Sacagawea would know. I'm not going to teach my daughter it is okay to lie, especially just for the sake of convenience. I'm convinced that the problems with many of today's children/future-adults is that their parents don't realize the things they are teaching through their actions. It is the small, everyday actions that build the foundation for the children's future. Okay, off my soapbox.

That flight was just a quick one to Vegas where we entered a very warm airport. Vegas was experiencing a power outage so we stood around in the darkened airport waiting for our connecting flight. There really isn't much to do in Vegas airport when the power is out...except gamble. I did find it sadly humorous that the only things still functioning were the slot machines. They didn't have all the bells and whistles, but there were still people there feeding them money.

We had better seating arrangements for the next flight and arrived safely in Indy sometime after midnight. After a few hours of sleep we set off to the north to visit some family and friends.

We stayed with R's
(they don't mind using their names on the net, but for the sake of uniformity...) family and had supper with L and F also. The kids were thrilled to meet new cousins and J was especially glad to finally see Lake Michigan. The next day we went over to L's family's farm to meet T, the cattle and chickens. The kids were glad there was an electric fence between them and the cattle. After picking some super-duper yummy vegetables from the garden (I took pictures, everyone else picked), we went over to check out vegetable packing and the box maker. The field, pickers, washing, sorting, packing, and into the cooler ready for pick-up. Wow! What a field trip! Too bad we were on vacation ;)

Here is the Man getting a tutorial on the intricacies of boxes. We went back over to R's for a lunch with N and then went back down to Indiana for Grandma & Grandpa's 40th anniversary celebration.

It was sorta-kinda a surprise. Well, it would have been...if I hadn't told Mom she needed to take an extra day off work...and if a certain brother hadn't kept asking when V & M were coming. Oh least they didn't know when we were coming. A quick call before we got there and Uncle D (shown below demonstrating for his impressionable nephews the fine art of "popping a wheelie") made sure the basement door was unlocked. The kids exited the vehicle and sneaked in through the basement. Grandma wasn't home. The kids went upstairs to hide and thoroughly enjoyed surprising her a bit later. Thanks for playing along.

M trying out the stilts. Are these the same ones I learned on when I was a youngster?
After more fun times with cousins, aunts and uncles, soon it was time to go back home. But first...we stopped off at Conner Prairie.

It was "1836" when M and S got to play the piano. Here is S playing "Jesus Loves Me" on the antique piano.And J got to pump some water.
We crossed on over the time travel bridge to 1886 to see a Quaker meeting house and go to school.Then we went back to the airport and into our designated "B" line. This time the lovely airline employee at the gate came over and took away our boarding passes. After a few official stamps and signatures we were told to wait in the "A" line. It would have been an uneventful flight to Vegas except The Man answered another "Are there any medical personnel on board?" call. While waiting in the "C" line at the Vegas airport the airline employee at the gate came over and told us to pre-board. We didn't argue. It's not nice to argue.

I've been informed the roller coaster is complete...except for the batteries. SIX C BATTERIES! I'll have to see if The Man can pick some up at the dollar store after he gets off work in the ER in the morning.

I really will try to be more regular with my updates here, but we did start school last week...Should I teach math or blog?


Ann said...

It is sad that a little white lie for the sake of making life "easier" is considered acceptable. It just reminds us that many are only thinking of life in the here and now, and nothing of eternal life.

Rachael said...

Had a great time while you were here...I was wondering when you were going to get around to writing about it!

Lori said...

Finally made it through to the end. That was a long one! Glad you guys had a good time, we were glad you came to see us. Todd enjoyed showing you around the farm. I guess if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of preboarding you'll just have to have another baby!! A luxury I will soon get to experience. Oh wait, I'll be traveling with an infant, I'm guessing that wont be so luxurious after all.