Wednesday, October 31, 2007 and night...Nehemiah 4:9

One of our church members handed a tithe and offering envelope to The Man last Sabbath. Usually tithe envelopes are dropped in the offering plate so he was a bit surprised, especially of the bulkiness of the envelope.

Inside he found one walnut. That was one-tenth of their walnut crop for the year. We pray they have a bigger crop next year ;-).
Sunday The Man worked in the ER. We had a fairly non-eventful day here at home until I decided to go to our local small-town market to pick up a few baking supplies. The kids were already in the van as I walked outside and saw that someone had left his bike on the lawn. I informed the children we weren't leaving until it was put away properly. S jumped out of the van and went to retrieve his bike. As he was heading to the shed with it, he decided to go straight there, rather than going around the hammock stand. Unfortunately, as he went over the metal tube bottom of the stand the bicycle bounced up and the metal part of the handlebar hit his eye...the same eye that he injured three weeks ago.

He cried. There was blood. The Man wasn't there.

It didn't look too bad to me, but since it looked like he split open his recent injury (and I didn't know how bad that was) I decided that we would visit the big supermarket in the city right after we went to the ER.

After examining S in the parking lot, The Man said at this point it will scar no matter what we do, so we just bandaged it. He was feeling just fine when we got home...and I did make him put away his bike. Carefully, please. Of course he wanted a picture taken of this owie also.


Lori said...

Poor S, what rotten luck!

Ann said...

What a wonderful tithe! Our former church was next door to an apartment complex full of immigrants used to growing their own food. They used our back field as a garden and tithed a portion to the church in exchange. I learned about lots of interesting Asian vegetables as a result!

Rachael said...

I hope those walnuts weren't their only livelihood.

(Also hope the eye heals nicely!)

C said...

OW! Poor guy. Maybe it's a growth thing and his body is temporarily out of sorts in relationship to where his eye happens to be located?

Love the walnut. ;o)