Friday, February 08, 2008

Dogs eat crumbs...Matthew 15:27

This is what I found when I came into the kitchen yesterday morning...This stuffed doggie used to be M's but it was passed down to the younger kids. I believe its current name is America.

The kids had put America up at the table in a highchair. He even has a few crumbs in front of him to eat. Lucky dog!
As you can see, the kids were quite creative with adjusting the height of the not-too-highchair.

Unfortunately, the Dog doesn't have a problem reaching the table. After I packed up the cookies for the potluck tomorrow, I left a few extra on a tray for our supper...on the table.

A little while ago I heard some suspicious sounds coming from the kitchen. I investigated and found a cookie face down on the floor. Since the Dog was standing there licking it, I decided the evidence was more than circumstantial and sent him to his crate with a stern "Bad Dog!" I didn't really care about the cookie, but he knows better than to take stuff from the counters or table. He's welcome to take any crumbs he can find on the floor. Maybe he thinks that since America is allowed at the table, he is also.


Dewey Hafta Academy said...

Yes, you and Betty get called the same incorrect name.

As for the other, sometimes we call her "Kitten Jainey is a Painey". Does that help?

Hiding it over here where it will be harder to find, though . . . . ;-)


Lorna said...

These are the funniest moments!

Natalie said...

Ill try to get a better picture of the new gun, I'm surprised The Man likes guns, I didn't know that about him. I still can't see the facination myself...

momawake said...

Speaking of did the sugar crinkles turn out?

Christine said...

How funny! Your kids are very clever!