Friday, February 08, 2008

Wood to fire...Proverbs 26:21

Last Sabbath our nephew turned 10! On Sunday we went to his birthday party. It almost didn't happen since their power went off Saturday night and, more or less, stayed off. We decided to go anyway. They asked us to bring a bit of wood for their fireplace so we could have some heat. They just moved into the house a few months ago and didn't have a good supply of wood yet.

They also let us know that their driveway wasn't plowed and we would have to park at the road and walk. That didn't seem like a big deal until we got there and realized they were counting the road that only they live on as their driveway! The Man had to stop and put chains on his 4wd pickup in order to get up to their road. Once we parked, everyone got on their snow gear, clambered up over the snow berm, and walked the 1/4 mile to the house. Fortunately there was a path stamped down. In all, the snow was probably about 4 feet deep.

Here is The Man pulling a load of wood from the truck to the house on our sled.
This was certainly a birthday our nephew will never forget! He had requested veggie-hot dogs and french fries. The hot dogs were eaten cold and the french fries were put in an aluminum pan in the fire place. They weren't as crispy as oven fries, but with a few ashes mixed in, it was just like camping!

Since the birthday cake hadn't been made before the power went out, here is the cake replacement my niece made...

Aren't they pretty? They were yummy also. Graham crackers with a vegan cream cheese, tofu and icing, topped with cherries or peaches. There may have been something else in that mixture, but I think that was everything. The cherry ones were really good. I didn't try the peach.

The kids had a great time sledding after the meal and then we had to rush back home so The Man could work in the ER that night.

We're glad they didn't cancel the party just because the power was out!


Dewey Hafta Academy said...

Your snowy pictures are always so beautiful, but they do remind me how grateful I am to live in a warm climate. ;-)

(I left you something over at my blog. Not what you asked for, but close.)

Ann said...

What an unforgettable birthday celebration! I think the "cake" is a very creative idea!

Cecelia said...

So you have four feet? We only have three or four inches and we live in the New York snow belt. Looks like you guys had quite a hike.

Esther said...

Oh my!! So what was the temp on birthday party Sunday? 1/4 mile is quite a hike in all of your winter layers and all that snow.

Love the cake substitute. :)