Sunday, September 28, 2008

The money...2 Chronicles 34:17

I'm doing much better today. I ended up sleeping on the couch again last night because it was just so much more comfortable. I am going to try the bed tonight. The Man is working overnight in the ER so I won't have to worry about keeping him awake with my tossing and turning...I'll let his patients do that!

I spent most of the afternoon updating Quicken with all of our credit card transactions since...well...basically since I got pregnant. The Man took over paying the bills around that time. I continued to reconcile the bank statements (not promptly, but I did do it), but the credit card statement was just looked over to make sure all the charges were legitimate, the bill was paid, and the statement was filed. Since we do like to keep up on how much we actually spend on certain things, and since I anticipate being quite a bit busier between now and the end of the year, I finally got around to catching up on that chore today. I could only do one month at a time since it hurt my back to sit in the chair at the computer desk (that made me realize why I spend most of my computer time with the laptop on the couch), but they are all caught up now.

We started using Quicken years and years ago (remember back before Windows?). We were forced to upgrade in January of 2000 due to a Y2K date problem. That has served us sufficiently the past 8 years, but it is so old that we can't link with our online bank accounts, credit card, TurboTax, etc. We are now considering upgrading to the newest Home & Business version.

What do you use for financial budgeting & tracking? Just your bank? Quicken? Some other program? Mattress & envelopes (which I'm beginning to think is the safest way to go)? Please tell me about what you use and why it works for you.


Anonymous said...

We use Quicken, but not as effectively as the program intended (don't reconcile statements online via banks). Seems to be fairly effective for us keeping itemized account of all we spend. You're caught up- better than I'm doing!! Still adding from BEFORE baby (but Sept is all caught up!).
Karin A.

Rachael said...

I am the worst person in the world to ask about this. But, I just use our online banking system. Which is just a notch above mattress and envelopes! :)

Wow, off topic, but I can't believe how close your due date approaches!

SHANNON said...

I can't believe I am just getting to your blog again. It has been... forever ago ~Sorry.

What is your due date?

Can't wait to see you at Christmas. (I just love holding and rocking new babies).

as far as my banking method? I just started a system that finally works for me:

When I deposit a check, I ask for 10% back in cash, put it in an envelope and date the seal for my tithe and put it out of reach. I also have an accordian style folder that is the length of an envelope but small enough to put in my purse and every time I buy something or spend money (on bills) I put the receipt in the file for that month. Then... at the end of the month I give it to Andy so he can figure everything out. HA. (I also still use the old fashion check register for all purchases to track things). It seems to be the best method for me.

But, then again, I just started this method in August. I'm not real good with computer stuff and try as I might, the system has failed me for years. (Always forgetting something and not having the right balances)