Tuesday, November 04, 2008

That shall reign over you...1 Samuel 8:11

The kids and I went to the polls this morning. Don't worry, ACORN hasn't corrupted our little valley. All the kids got stickers just for showing up with me. [For those that are concerned, G's sticker was on him just long enough for the picture.] They have "voted" in every election since they've been born. Here is an Electoral College map for the young ones to color.

I wasn't thrilled with any of the choices, but since The Man's campaign never got off the ground, I had to go with what was there. I am glad that election day is finally here, and I pray that we are all able to survive the next four years, no matter who takes office.

The Man won't be able to go to the polls until he gets off of work this afternoon. He starts a new job today. Yes, another one! Hopefully this will allow him to cut back or discontinue his overnight/weekend work in the ER.

Last night was a good night for G (and for me). I think the time change helped us out a bit. He went to bed about 10:30 p.m. and didn't wake up again until about 3:00. After eating and going back to sleep, he slept until about 8:00 this morning. He's been either eating or awake most of the morning and just now went down for a nap. I hope we finally have his days and nights switched around to where they should be.


Natalie said...

I too hope we make it through the next 4 years without anything too terrible happening.

grandma said...

I VOTE for "G". Isn't he a cutie already! I'm putting in a request for a "turn" to hold him Friday.