Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A leader and commander to the people...Isaiah 55:4

If The Man were president...

The Man thinks that he could do a better job than any of the current three choices. I agree, but I really don't wish to move again...especially to the city. The Man said we probably wouldn't move, since he legally couldn't take all of his possessions to Washington, D.C. Besides, his patients couldn't all travel there to see him, and it would get monotonous to travel back and forth each week for church. We would probably just live here.

That would mean that we would finally get DSL or Satellite. It just wouldn't do for the folks in D.C. to get a "The person you are trying to call is on the phone, please leave a message after the tone" voice mail message because I'm busy blogging.

This blog would probably get more than 500 hits a day if The Man were president. A few weeks ago I was shocked when I saw that our free StatCounter had filled up over just one weekend. It seems that someone linked this post on a German/English orthodontia website in Europe. Although it has tapered off, we still get a few dozen hits a day from that site. If only I had time to figure out how to
exploit my children make some extra cash from that traffic. Maybe if The Man were president I would have people that would do it for me.

People. Yep, I would have a bunch of them. They would make my food, clean my bathtub, take out the trash, do the laundry. I could get used to that. We would even have our own private plane (that M would fly, of course). That plane is probably too big to take off and land at the Near Perfect Little Valley's airport, so we would have to use the bigger airport up by the city. We could build an helipad out in the alfalfa field.

Secret Service agents? I could do without, but it might be nice to always have someone 50 feet behind Sacagawea to radio in her position in case she tries to run away. Maybe I could assign my agent to follow the Dog to make sure he doesn't find any more poison.

The Man said one of the first things he would do as president would be to issue an executive order to make it illegal to enforce unconstitutional laws. Which means that he could take all of his stuff to D.C. Which means we might move...I'm not sure I would like that after all.

One of the best things about The Man being president is what would happen afterwards. He would get to build his very own Presidential Library. Yee Haw. I would finally have some place to put ALL of our books.

We had this discussion before we got out of bed this morning. We haven't quite worked everything out, but we agreed that we don't have time to campaign. So, if you would like The Man to be president, let us know! If none of the other candidates excite you, simply write in "The Man" in November. Thank you for your support.

This picture is of The Man lowering our flag to half-mast of June 6, 2004, the day after the death of Ronald Reagan.
Unfortunately the rope is now broken and The Man hasn't had time to fix it properly, so our flag isn't up right now. If he were president, I'm sure our people would take care of that also.


The Man's Mother said...

Here's one vote, the first, for The Man! He might as well be president he can do everything else!

Cecelia said...

Here's the second vote. Wouldn't the news media have a hay day with the Man's extended family? The White House would never be the same.

Rachael said...

I'm not too happy with the available choice either. I will consider The Man. Thank-you for the write-in suggestion! :)

Do I get any fringe benefits for being the step-sister to the president? Also, very important to know what The Man would like to do about this Medicare cut coming this summer. Can he help a fellow doctor stay afloat and talk to some important people about that?

Lori said...

Todd and I would like to know the Man's position on immigration before we give him our votes.