Friday, April 09, 2010

Sixteen years old...2 Kings 15:2

I'm so glad it is Friday, but I don't get to wind down yet. Today is M's 16th birthday!
Happy Birthday, M!
I asked what kind of cake he wanted and he replied that he didn't care. I interpreted that as him saying, "I don't care as long as I don't have to make it." You'll be happy to know that I actually made it the other night and the layers are in the freezer. I'll pull them out in a bit and make the frosting so it will be all ready for lunch. He has requested curried rice and veggies.

Tomorrow is the monthly potluck at church at which Sacagawea likes having her birthday cake. This year we are doing M@rtha Stew@rt-inspired butterfly cupcakes. They'll fall somewhere between these and these. Maybe. The comments on MS said to dip the pretzels to keep them from being soggy if made the day before. Yesterday at the grocery store I looked at the bag of pretzels and the bag of melting chocolate. Then I looked at the yogurt-covered pretzels in the bulk bin. Then I looked back at the bag of pretzels and the chocolate. Ha. That was an easy choice for a tired, pregnant woman to make. The bag of pretzels and chocolate were returned to the shelf and we're going with the ready-dipped pretzels. The actual strawberry cupcakes were made and stuck in the freezer a few days ago, so we'll decorate those this afternoon.

Although Sacagawea has put in the order for her cake on Monday, her actual 8th birthday, we'll see how much cake we still have around the house at that point.

And for the geeks out there like Thursday M will be exactly twice as old as Sacagawea. She's catching up with him!


Rachael said...

First of all, happy birthday to M and A.

Is M getting his driver's lisence now?

And...those pretzel cupcakes are so cute! I'm going to have to try that. Love that idea.

Tina in CT said...

Happy 8th and 16th birthday to your son and daughter.

Both cupcakes are really cute. Hope you'll post a picture of the ones you made.