Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two full years...Genesis 41:1

Happy Birthday, G!
(sorry, pics are being uploaded on another computer...I'll add them later)Done!
G turned TWO on the 25th! His big brothers and sister are trying to teach him to hold up two fingers, but he holds them all up.

Since we had meetings at church on Monday night, we didn't get around to actually "celebrating" his birthday until Tuesday night. He didn't seem to mind since it just extended his birthday an extra day.

We had this gluten-free coconut flour apple cake. Everyone enjoyed it. Not exactly the best we'd ever tasted, but as gluten-free recipes go, this one was very good. I think the texture would have been better with real eggs, but since that is also one of G's allergies, we used egg-replacer.

G got his very own big-boy bed for his birthday. The Man and boys are making it.
So far it is just a wooden box to hold the mattress. After he learns to stay on the mattress at night, the legs will be added. He LOVES it. It's a good thing since Baby S will be needing the crib in another month or so.

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