Tuesday, July 11, 2006

As the clay is in the potter's hand...Jer. 18:6

We’ve been going to Vacation Bible School at the church up in the city this week. Yesterday and today one of A’s little friends from church has come home with us to spend the afternoon. Two little girls in the house? We survived.

I like Play-doh®. A lot. Maybe because I was never allowed to play with it as a child, I enjoy squishing it in my hands just as much as the kids do.

Since A has reminded me umpteen times in the past few weeks that our Play-doh® is all gone, I bought two 4-packs this morning. After lunch the girls and S disappeared to the back porch. Other than giggles about the “food” they were creating out of the Play-doh®, I didn’t hear a peep out of them for 2 hours. We now have 6 tubs of rainbow Play-doh®.

Here is a sculpture S made of A’s friend.

She was not impressed.

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kv said...

Was just browsing through the blogs. Yours is cute, and I like the Biblical theme. Pure, interesting, and with a hint of mystery. Precious family.