Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It is honorable…to stop strife…Prov. 20:3

M’s feet are getting big. I didn’t realize how big until I saw him struggling to put on his boots this morning. He hasn’t had them that long. A quick comparison showed me that his feet are nearly the same size as mine.

I was telling the Man about the "problem" of our son growing up and outgrowing his shoes. At that point S walked into the room. After taking in the situation he said, “Mom, that’s not a problem. Don’t make one.”

The children are accustomed to hearing this “mom-ism” whenever rumblings of discord start around the house. “Is there a problem? No? Then don’t make one.” It is supposed to encourage them to work out a situation before it becomes heated. Now if S will only apply what he has learned to the real problems of his world.

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naturallynice said...

Nice dictum, I will remember that. I enjoyed your blog,

God bless