Tuesday, August 29, 2006

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered...Matt. 10:30

Game: Laundry Relay

Equipment: 3 empty laundry baskets and 2 loads of clothes belonging to J, S, and A (M does all of his own laundry by himself)

Rules: Start at empty baskets. When Mom says "Go," walk quickly down the hallway to the pile of clean clothes. Remove an item that belongs to you, fold it, and place neatly in your basket. If you cannot find one of your items because there are too many of your siblings' items on top of yours, fold and put away siblings' items until you find another one of yours. Earn double points by placing matching shirts/pants in basket together.

Winner: Everybody!

I thought it was a fun game, but the kids haven't asked to play it since I invented it last week.

Here are the dirt babies the kids made at the county fair a few weeks ago...

Back row, from left to right, the ones made by J, S (hidden, up close pic below), and M. A's is on the plate in front. It is smaller than the others and the face is hidden when she is in the cup. They are made from a length of stocking tied at one end, grass seed added, then dirt, other end tied off, and decorated by the kids with wiggly eyes and foam pieces.

They've been sitting in their cups of water on the kitchen window sill for the past few weeks growing their hair. J has been begging to give his a haircut, so today is the day. We may even try to extract the weed growing up the front of M's baby's face. eww.

For some reason S's grass seed didn't sprout on top yet...just on the top of ear and around the back of the head. I think it is because the person at the fair put in too much seed. It is well-loved in spite of the pattern baldness. He will probably get a haircut today also.
Foot update...sore but functional. Since I only have 2 pairs of sandals that I can comfortably wear, I'll just be grateful it is still summer.

School update...going along quite well. We are still gradually easing into everything. I saw this morning that the company that I ordered most of our new books from charged the credit card, so I'm hoping that means the order has been shipped and is on the way to our post office. I can't wait!

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