Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Your garments did not wear out…Deut. 8:4

Can you read it now? There have been some suggestions that the default typeface was too small, so we’ll try making it a bit bigger.


Use #27 for A’s almost out-grown pajamas:

A thought Shue [I've just been informed by A that this is Da, Shue is the girl doll. My apologies to Shue and Da for the mix-up] looked quite handsome in his new clothing. Also, when she holds him up by his head, he seems to be just as tall as she is. How neat!

Use #32 for old socks:

The Dog managed to cut his foot on something. Yes, he has had a rough go of it the past few weeks. In an attempt to keep blood off the carpet, one of A’s old socks was called into action to keep the bandage in place. The Dog didn’t appreciate the kids (and adults) laughing at him as he walked-slipped across the floor so he hid out in his crate until the bleeding subsided.

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