Friday, March 09, 2007

On the right...and on the left...2 Corinthians 6:7

Here are the pictures, but don't ask me to explain them beyond the following:
The first one is Sacagawea's left elbow and the one below is the right. Do you see the faint circular thing where the arrow is pointing? Since that thing isn't visible in the right elbow view, apparently there is a problem. According to the orthopedist, it is a slight problem, but a few weeks in the splint should be all that she needs.
Little folks heal quickly.

I'm doing better. Still sick, but better. I like ibuprofen and soft tissues.

The end of last month we got about a foot dumped on us so it has taken a while for it all to melt away. Meanwhile the kids got to do plenty of sledding on the back hill. The photos were taken at the beginning of the storm.

The snow is all gone now so we're enjoying watching everything green up and the flowers poking up out of the ground. We can't wait for spring, but S was quite disappointed when I told him that he will need to give up trying to dig to China from the sandbox. If he did make it through the earth he would end up in the ocean. Where would you end up?

Sacagawea is still Sacagawea. An elderly lady who has started coming to our church asked her what her name was. A told her that she had changed her name. She made this for J. That's a backwards J there under her name. That is also an upside-down heart and lots of Ws stuck together.


Rachael said...

I forget that you guys have snow out there! Ours is starting to melt now too, but no flowers poking out yet! Glad you're feeling better, hope Sacagawea is on the mend too.

C said...

Aw, the poor little ducky! We're blowing kisses her way.


Natalie said...

Hey V, your blog is so cute. Hope Sacagawea gets to feeling better soon. Your save-the-date card for my wedding has been sitting on a shelf for a long time, it will go out soon... I hope I'll get to see the kids soon! Natalie B.