Friday, March 23, 2007

Spoke also of beasts...I Kings 4:33

Sacagawea and I were sitting on the front porch yesterday transplanting some seedlings while the boys rode their bikes. After a while Sacagawea wandered off and soon returned with a bone the Dog had discarded in the yard. "Mommy, this is from the leg of a deer." I agreed with her.

Soon she was back with another bone. This time she asked me if I knew what it was. I told her I thought it might be a deer rib. "No, " she said, "I think it is from an elephant."

I hope not.

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Shereen said...

lol It reminds me of the time when we lived up north and Kayla had been praying to see deer. The following morning we woke up to find 5 deer at our front door. That night she prayed, can you bring us some lions too. That is one prayer I happy the Lord did not answer. lol They are so cute when they are at that age. Enjoy!!