Friday, January 04, 2008

Coats and garments...Acts 9:39

Since I joined in with Shereen's Sew Crafty Friday last week, I wanted to continue on with it. However, the only project I completed was sewing buttons on a coat. I found a long leather coat at the Goodwill the same day Sacagawea found her rocking chair. It is a nice (and doesn't smell like it came from the Goodwill, if you know what I mean), but it was missing a few buttons. The total cost for the coat and new buttons was under $10, so I was excited, but not very excited about sewing on the buttons.

On New Year's Day, while the rest of the family were off skiing, I stayed home and sewed new buttons on my coat! It took about an hour to sew the four buttons on the coat through the leather. I knew it would be time-intensive, which is why it hadn't been done sooner. That's my completed project for the week, but it is not my featured
Sew Crafty project.

Meet Liesl (von Trapp, of course!) She is 16, going on 17, and one of Sacagawea's new friends. Sacagawea had requested a new doll with long hair, so this doll arrived for Christmas.
Since her wardrobe was rather small, J helped me pick out a few patterns to go along with her. Sacagawea chose the dress in the upper left corner to start.

She chose the blue-flowered fabric from the scrap box and we ironed it and the pattern pieces. That's all we have done thus far. We will be out of town for some meetings most of next week. I'm planning on taking the dress along and hand-sewing it. Actually, I think it is a skirt and blouse. I'm not sure as I haven't taken a good look at the instructions yet. We'll do the pinafore, hat, and pantaloons later.

Sacagawea can practice her hand-sewing by stitching a pillow while I'm working on the dress. Head over to Shereen's to see some of the (more) crafty things other people are doing.


Natalie said...

hey, good luck with that project... looks time consuming. No, I did not make my pottery tp match my blog, but unfortunately everything I make is bright and colorful, but all of my house is decorated with earthy tones, nothing ever matches so I always end up giving everything away. I got your christmas card, now I have your address to send your long over due thank you! Your kids are so adorable.

Ginny said...

Oh the thought of sewing buttons into leather makes my thumbs hurt just thinking about it. Looking forward to seeing how your doll clothes come out. I admire your desire to hand sew them. I'm sure they will come out lovely. I haven't the patience for that.

Rachael said...

Oh, I bought some doll clothes patterns too. Now the kids are pestering me all the time to make them stuff for stuffed animals and dolls, etc. to wear. I made one outfit, and then I sent a pattern/fabric package to Grandma Cece to work on!

(Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1, that was my brilliant inspiration! :)).