Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All her household are clothed...Proverbs 31:21

Last week I was up in the city and popped into the only "nice" department store and discovered they were having a clearance sale. The Man will only wear 100% natural fiber (usually cotton) button-up shirts to work. Those are sometimes hard to come by at a reasonable price so I was excited to find some nice shirts for $2.97 each (regularly $30-46). I bought several, had The Man try them on, then went back the next day and bought a bunch more stuff. I used less than $90 off of gift cards we had from Christmas, but according to my receipts I "saved" over $700.

The next day one of The Man's patients complimented him on his tie. The Man told him that his wife (me) usually picks out his clothes and that I had just bought him several new shirts on clearance at the department store in the city. The patient came back to see The Man yesterday and told him that he had checked out that sale and bought a dozen shirts.

I happened to find this all very hilarious.

I send The Man off to work in his 100% cotton button-up shirt and tie and assume he is talking to people about their sore throats, diabetes, smoking, lab tests...not the latest sale!

So, since everyone that reads this blog is either a doctor, married to a doctor, goes to a doctor, or knows someone who goes to a it common for doctors and patients to chat about clothes or sales? What do patients talk to their doctor's about? I really can't recall discussing anything other than something directly related to the reason for the visit.


Anonymous said...

I could not help but laugh. I think it depends on how long you have used the same Dr, his age and yours and how fast paced his practice is. You also have to have a little bit in common. My Dr. has horses and lives in the country, same as me. We sometime chat if he is not pressed for time.We are also both over 65, and have slowed down considerably. Doris in Tx.

Rachael said...

That's funny V. I chat with my patients all the time. We talk about the kids, the family, school, the weather, and yes, sometimes fashion and sales.

Ann said...

One of the reasons I like my children's pediatrician, is that she always has something interesting to share when we go in. She gives me reccomendations on good christian books to read, interesting places to take the children for field trips, etc. She always has a funny story about her children. I really like that about her.