Friday, March 28, 2008

The lizard...Leviticus 11:30

A few weeks ago we had a very sad event happen here. Tails (or Scales, we really aren't sure), one of the Green Anole Lizards we got for M before we moved here, finally died. I say "finally" because according to many websites, including this one, they are only supposed to live 1-2 years in the wild and 2-3 years in captivity. We bought Tails & Scales, ages unknown, from a local pet store in October of 2002, 5 1/2 years ago!

They had an interesting start since the kid working at the pet store didn't inform us that two males shouldn't share a cage. We took them home and set up the recently emptied fish aquarium. Since we were planning on moving again in a few months we decided that lizards might be more portable.

After witnessing some impressive and aggressive territorial displays by the two lizards, we put up a partition in the aquarium to give each his own space. The both thrived there until after our move when Scales (or Tails) met with an unfortunate lid accident. His smooshed body was found at the next feeding time and promptly buried under the oak tree out front. His loss was Tails' (or Scales') gain as the partition was removed and the lizard had more room to roam.

When M got his own room about 3 years ago, the lizard cage remained behind for the other 2 boys to enjoy. S is (was) the official lizard feeder. About four Sundays ago (I know, I'm really behind on my blogging) J came into our bedroom in tears. Tails (or Scales) was dead!

They weren't sad for too long. Later that afternoon S found the first lizard of the season outside.

This Blue-belly was a fat one. "Can we keep it?"

"Where?" I asked, "In the aquarium with the dead one?" Yes, poor Tails (or Scales) was still in the aquarium. His body wasn't even cold yet (ok, yes, I know they are cold-blooded, it is just a figure of speech) and S and J were ready to replace him.

I opposed the idea of taking on a new pet, especially a lizard, at this point. We think that lizard thrived on neglect since sometimes it would go several days between feedings. I suggested they plan a lizard funeral instead.

Nearly two weeks later I insisted they plan a lizard funeral. Ick. They finally built a cardboard coffin and buried Tails (or Scales) out front. RIP Tails (or Scales).


Heidi said...

Great blog post! Thanks for the laugh!

Lori said...

Funny story. I love how it lived for 5 1/2 years. You definitely got more than you bargained for with that.