Sunday, March 02, 2008

They were read...Esther 6:1

Last Tuesday The Man took the boys snow skiing. Sacagawea was disappointed at not being able to go with them until I suggested an alternate activity for us...getting her library card! She's been begging to get her own card ever since S got his.

The main requirement for a child to get a card at our county library is for the child to be able to write their own name on the back. She's been able to write her name small enough for quite a while, but we haven't been able to take the time to do it. It seems most of the time that we do stuff like this it is someone's first day on the job and they have to learn on us, which tends to take a lot of extra time. Last Tuesday was no exception. But she did get her card. She was only allowed to check out two books the first time. The next time we go she can check out up to 20. Wheeeeee.

We celebrated by going out to eat at Taco Bell. Sacagawea asked me to buy her four bean burritos. I didn't.


Natalie said...

wow, 4 burritos? She must get her appetite from her dads side of the family... Congrats on the new card Sac!

Rachael said...

She's a little smarty too...trying to milk the experience for all it's worth!

Ann said...

Getting library cards was a pretty big deal around here too. Fortunately, no one asked for burritos!

By the way, I'm PUC class of '90!

Francie said...

That is so funny! I bet you can't wait until you get to go again and find 20 books!