Monday, May 26, 2008

A great feast...Genesis 21:8

I spent last week recovering from the previous weekend, gutting the younger boys' room of all things that didn't belong in preparation for the seasonal clothing changeover, and getting ready for the end-of-year homeschool potluck/party which was supposed to be held at the local park last Friday. The clothing changeover is on hold since the weather turned very cool last week. And it rained. At 3:00 on Friday afternoon I finally called the other person that was helping with the homeschool party and we agreed that the weather didn't look promising for an outdoor party. I offered the use of our home.

This is where everyone that knows me can dissolve into a puddle of hysterical laughter.

I don't handle surprises or spur-of-the-moment events very well. "Are you sure you want to do that?" asked The Man. He knew better than to call me crazy, but it was not something I would normally do. I had already cleaned the bathrooms Friday morning, the living room and hallway had been vacuumed, Sacagawea vacuumed the bathroom and kitchen floors and J mopped. Sure! Invite dozens of people over! Why not?

The other lady that was helping asked if there was anything I needed. Well, yes, I had just put my last roll of toilet paper in the holder...She laughed and said she would be more than happy to accommodate my just-in-case very reasonable request. She also promised that everyone knew I was pregnant and no one would do a white-glove test on top of my door jams. Phew!

There were 26 children (counting our own) in attendance, ranging in ages from 6 months to 15 years old. Those children were representing 6 families, and with all 12 parents in attendance that brought the grand total of people to 38. The official kid-count by families: 9, 5, 5 (only 3 in attendance), 4+, 3, & 2.
Look! TWO white 15-passenger vans in our driveway, along with the blue 12-passenger and other vehicles. We were definitely having a party! Fortunately the weather was cooperative enough that most of the folks stayed outside on the porch and lawn. When everyone was gone, all I had to do was run a damp mop over the floor to wipe up the spilled lemonade. I didn't even have to haul all of my food around. That wasn't bad for a huge party, and I didn't have to stress about it all week!

Yesterday the younger three kids and I went up to big city and did the shopping. We did remember to buy more tissue. A few more rolls need to be taken out of that package then the remainder will fit nicely in the vanity of the 1/2 bath.
I walked in the bathroom this morning and saw the wrapped tissue on the holder. I laughed, grabbed the camera, and took some more pictures...
Does that wrapper look like someone tampered with it?
Hmmm...hanging against the wall...I just asked the three younger kids who are at home if anyone knew who hung up the roll of tissue in the 1/2 bath. The oldest of the three younger (who wishes to remain anonymous, but I won't let him) admitted to it. He said he put the roll on the holder, used it, then replaced the paper covering as a joke.

Do you put your tissue on the holder with it hanging down in front or against the wall? I hang it in front, but I'm not the type that will go to the trouble of changing it if I happen upon a roll that is hanging against the wall.


~yolanda said...

I hang my toilet tissue so that it hangs on the front. I like to make the cute little triangle like at the hotel when I'm done cleaning the bathroom. :-)

Lori said...

Brave woman to have all those people over to your house for a party. But like you said, at least it was last minute so you didn't have to stress about it all week.

I put the toilet paper so it hangs in the front too. And I will change it if it's wrong.

~*Mona*~ said...

I hang it in the front also...when I was younger I would always turn it around if it was any other way and still do, lol :o)

*really* funny with the toilet wrapper on, lol :o)


grandma said...

J is such a delightful child. I was so glad when he joined the family and you and The Man really entered the world of parenting. M was such an angelic child and is an exceptional young man now. Perhaps J stands for Joker. It makes for lots of fun anyway.

Bridget said...

I am half asleep but have been having fun looking at your blog :) Awesome bookshelves!!! I cracked up at the T.P. hanging with the wrapper on and I wanted to say, I always put my toilet paper roll hanging to the back, because when it's hanging in front, my youngest seems to have his radar up and goes in and whacks at it so it all rolls off! It just isn't as easy when it's hanging to the back!! hehe