Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It shall be clean...Leviticus 14:33

The Man said yesterday must have been a slow news day if I had nothing better to blog about than toilet tissue. Hey, sometimes boring is good! I did get a chance to try out my new toy yesterday.We bought our very first new vacuum cleaner about a year after we were married. Not long after we bought it the zipper holding the bag split open and thereafter, every time we changed the filter bag, we had to duct tape the bag closed. Nice. But it worked just fine. When we moved to this house, the sellers left behind the barely used vacuum that we've used the past five years. It works ok, but I can't use it very well since it is so heavy. Once upon a time it was supposedly self-propelled, but that feature doesn't seem to work. Now that I'm at the point in my pregnancy when ligaments seem to be stretching every which way, pushing that vacuum around just isn't a fun option. Oh, and the little latch that is supposed to hold the vacuum upright when not in use has been broken for a few years.

Sunday while we were shopping at the warehouse store up in the big city I looked over the selection of vacuums. The deciding factor for me was that this one was the lightest. Since I got it cheaper than what Amazon is selling it for in the link above and there is no sales tax up in the big city, I was very satisfied with the purchase.

I put it together yesterday morning and vacuumed the living room. Ewwww. I showed The Man the dirt that had accumulated on our carpet since the vacuuming on Friday (32 extra people plus a shedding dog can really add the dirt). I emptied the dirt cup (so easy) and vacuumed the hallway and entryway. I again showed The Man the dirt. At that point he thought I was enjoying it all a bit too much.

Someone once told me that carpet should be vacuumed 1x/week per person or pet in the household. That means that our carpet should be vacuumed 7x/week. That's never happened, but I will be vacuuming more with this fun new machine.

Sometimes boring is good.


ohm's parents said...

Does it feel maneuverable enough to clean stairs?

~ V ~ said...

If I had stairs in this house I would have chosen a different vacuum or just use my stick vac. Your carpet is just on the upstairs and stairs, right? Do you have a landing?

To safely use with stairs, the vacuum would be at the bottom and you would use the rotating brush attachment with hose (easy to use/set up) to vacuum the stairs. I don't think the hose is long enough to comfortably do a whole flight of stairs, but it might be.

It is too heavy, in my opinion, to hold up while vacuuming each stair.

Lori said...

You definitely deserved a new vacuum cleaner, pregnant or not! I would have replaced the one you had for 5 years 5 years ago!

I know what you mean about the gross collection of dirt. The first time my housekeeper vacuumed my carpets with her fancy Dyson vacuum she showed me the canister full of dirt. It was awful, and my carpets are less than 2 years old and we don't wear shoes on our carpet so I was extremely surprised. She gets that much every time too.