Friday, June 06, 2008

And the swallow a nest (part 2)...Psalm 84:3

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. Let's see...the kids had their end-of-year music recital, we took our van back to the mechanic because it was making a rumbling noise, and we're trying to get ready to leave on a trip on Sunday.

What else could go wrong with the van? I am regretting asking that question. We picked up the van last Friday with a diagnosis of failing muffler. We were planning on getting that fixed after our vacation. About 15-20 miles later the van was towed back to the mechanic after it stalled while The Man was driving it. They have replaced the fuel pump and are checking out the "check engine" light that stays brightly lit. I have asked for a decent horse & buggy, but it has been pointed out to me that that would bring a whole new set of challenges.

The Man's truck was also giving me problems yesterday while I was trying to shift gears. Maybe the transmission needs some more work. At least the trash truck is still puttering along.

They're baaaack. I haven't taken as many pictures, because they're just about as exciting as last year's photos. Just click on the link and imagine they were taken this year. I didn't want them to stay, but since everyone else in the family wished them to, I didn't interrupt the nest building activities. I'm not so much opposed to the nest as I am to the mess that I was cleaning up under the nest. Due to my delicate condition, I refuse to do that job this summer. Maybe if the children clean up the mess they won't be quite so eager for them to build in the same place next year. I did show them the documentation from last year, but they still begged for me to leave the nest building activities alone.

The only difference is that this year they aren't building on the hinge side of the door, but the other side. That means that I open the front door and pause before exiting just to give the swallows a chance to fly away before I walk under the nest. I will be laughing at the first person who gets a surprise on his/her head while using the door. I certainly hope I won't be laughing at myself.

Have a good weekend...I'll be back after our vacation!

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J-Lynn said...

Hope your vacation is going (went?) well! My friend has a nest above her door as well and the birds were dive bombing at us as we left. It was pretty funny but I wouldn't want to live there. ;-)

Hope both cars are 100% now!