Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I might learn...Psalm 119:71

I've said we're going to start school "after Labor Day." Now I'm contemplating WHICH day after Labor Day we are starting...today? tomorrow? next week? I'm not feeling very motivated today, but I don't foresee that changing with the calendar pages.

I need to go back in to the office today, so I think we will do a dry run with our new school room with no patients in the building. I am not sure how we are going to do and balance everything, but we can all learn together.


grandma Sheila said...

Knowing you, V, and the well-behaved students, it will all get done; perhaps a few bugs to work out at first, but it will work.

Natalie said...

I'm sure with your brains they would still be smart with half as many school days.