Thursday, September 06, 2012

Teach them diligently...Deuteronomy 6:7

I'm borrowing my first day of school blog title from a few years. We DID start school on Tuesday.  Here are the kids in their little room at the mercantile building.  This is the "delighted" version.  I'll post the version with the flash over on facebook.

I could try to come up with a creative explanation for the tilted picture.  I think it is easiest just to say that I took a bad picture and I don't feel like straightening it right now.  So sorry.

The kids worked for a while, then I started hearing suspicious sounds.  A quick peak out the back office door revealed they were playing learning about the principles of aerodynamics. I told J to measure first to make sure he wouldn't get scalped while zooming under the table.
It would have been terrible to have a first day of school made up of injuries, staples, and stitches.  Even Goldilocks joined in on the fun.

The two little ones were sick yesterday.  Since S wasn't feeling so great either, he took yesterday morning off to stay home with them. J stayed home in the afternoon so S could do some school.

Today we will get ready for our backpack trip we are leaving on tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will be backpacking.  Back to school on Monday!

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grandma Sheila said...

They will learn lots of new things--especially with J to lead the way. That little Goldilocks is a real trooper with her arm in a cast and keeping up with the others. What fun!