Friday, April 06, 2007

Nothing new under the sun...Ecclesiastes 1:9

Ok, so that's not quite true, but we've mostly been doing the same old things.

I saw on my stat counter that quite a few are finding this blog by Googling "ortho headgear." I should have some photos of that up next week as it has finally arrived and J will get it installed next Wednesday. Sit tight.

For those of you who are here searching for information on "Sacagawea lifespan" and "Name of Sacagawea mom, " I'm assuming you mean this Sacagawea. Sorry, there is debate about her lifespan and no one seems to have any information on her parents.

Next week will be busy as both M and Sacagawea have birthdays. They've already put in requests for their birthday lunches. Sacagawea wants cake...and ice cream...and cookies....Thankfully she hasn't requested a snake cake.

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Rachael said...

I was about to email you and ask if everything is okay over there, but I guess it's just nothing new! Glad to hear from you anyway. Can you share with me how to do the stat counter/ google thing?