Friday, May 11, 2007

Players on instruments...Psalm 87:7

The boys have their very first music recital coming up on Sunday afternoon. We finally got a camcorder to preserve the event. We'll see if we can figure out how to use it so everybody else can see it also. The hard drive in the camcorder is 50% larger than the hard drive on our computer. Time to upgrade? At least, we need to get a DVD burner to save the video to.

Although S has only been taking violin lessons, he has picked up on the piano from listening to M practice. He figured out how to play "Jesus Loves Me" with both hands. He loves sitting down and playing on the piano whenever it is free. I do have to remind him to wash his hands before playing.

Obviously, I should remind him to wash his feet also.

The Man told him he probably shouldn't play the piano with his feet at the recital "because not everybody is able to do that, and you might make them feel bad."

"Yeah, some people's toes are too big."

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Rachael said...

Good luck on the recital -- try not to be too nervous (Mom!). Yeah, probably a good idea to save the playing with the feet for special at home use!