Friday, May 11, 2007

The way of the serpent...Proverbs 30:19

We've started putting in the garden. It is still a few weeks before our last frost date, but I couldn't wait. We only planted a few rows of peas and a row of my seeding plants. Two plants each of two kinds of tomatoes and two kinds of peppers went in a row surrounded by old bales of hay. We put some old windows and shower doors up resting on the bales of hay. We open the windows and doors during the day and close them at night. That should keep things safe if we have a light frost between now and June 1.

Our friend pictured above has been hanging out in the garden. He (or she? I'm not checking) will take care of any mice, moles, or even ground squirrels that decide to devour our garden. He even has a few other friends that we've seen around the garden. They are a bit smaller, but this gopher snake was about 6 feet long.

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