Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two are better than one...Ecclesiates 4:9

Disposing of the trash isn't as simple as it used to be. When we lived in the city we could just run out the door and drag the cans to the street when we would hear the brakes of the trash truck. Now, we can't even hear the truck from the house. We usually take the trash cans down the 1/4 mile driveway to the road the evening before trash pickup.

Trash cans? Check. The Dog? Check.The Dog, always eager to hitch a ride, loves taking the trash to the road. If M is outside, The Dog is usually with him. Whether it is taking care of the chickens, feeding the horse, or just taking the trash to the road, The Dog is right there with M. Actually, The Dog has even been known to wait outside the bathroom door for M.

That's the '83 pickup that we just got back from the mechanic's (we're still waiting for the '76 to be repaired). The squirrel-chewed wiring was fixed and now it is our back-up vehicle when one of the others is taking a rest. It is perfect for hauling wood around the property, taking the trash to the road, and for young men to drive.M is quite proficient at driving around the property. The best part is that he
loves taking out the trash now. The truck has a cracked windshield and temperamental turn signals, but M doesn't seem to mind. We'll see if the truck is still functional when M is legal to drive on the open road. Maybe M will even let The Dog ride with him inside the cab.

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Anonymous said...

That picture takes me back "a couple years" like 25!! to when The Man was learning to drive using Grandpa's old pickup on the old ranch. Time marches on (all to swiftly). The photo I have of it actually has The Man's brother in the back of the pickup instead of the Dog.