Saturday, April 12, 2008

Six years...II Kings 11:3

Happy 6th Birthday, Sacagawea!

12 months-helping big brother with his schoolwork...

14 months-helping Mom pack up the house for our move... Should I immediately grab the child off the pile of boxes onto which she has climbed, or go find the camera first? Documentation is so important!

Last Saturday morning with the daffodils at church. The strawberry cake... With a chocolate cake mix, I did a heart-shaped, circle, and a mini-heart. Then I did the same with a strawberry mix. The chocolate and strawberry hearts were layered with strawberry jam between the layers. After the icing, mini chocolate chips were added for the strawberry seeds. Sacagawea was pleased. The mini-hearts were made into a mini-strawberry so everyone at church wouldn't have to eat her spit after she blew out her candles ;).

Making sure Mom put right number of candles on her cake...
We enjoyed the circle cakes later that evening with real strawberries for a family celebration.

I asked her Saturday morning if it felt any different to be six. "Not yet, but it might if I didn't have to ride in my car seat anymore!" Sorry! Even though the law is six years or sixty pounds, she going to have to wait until Mom and Dad think it is safe. She currently tips the scales at 42 pounds.


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday, A! She looks so pretty in the daffodil picture.

Natalie said...

Oh wow, she looks soo much like I remember M when he was a baby!