Friday, August 01, 2008

Many books there is no end...Ecclesiastes 12:12

Books, books, books. Anyone that has been in our house knows that we have a lot of books, and that is an understatement. Last month we boxed up nine boxes of books and relocated them to the garage in anticipation of the new school books that had been ordered. Unfortunately, within a few days the empty space had been filled by books from other places around the house. Where were we going to put the new books?

Sew Crafty Friday to the rescue! We measured the other homemade shelves in the same room and figured what dimensions we would need to fit the best space we could come up with for new shelves. The kids and I went up to the big city and bought the lumber (not for the back, The Man said we had plenty of scraps in the shop for the back).

The Man and boys carefully cut, measured, and drilled last Sunday to get the shelves complete. On Monday M stained them (with my supervision). On Monday evening we brought them into the house and started loading them up with books!

Here are the new shelves that The Man and boys put together:

Here is the top:

Here is the bottom:
Once they are filled with books nobody will notice that the grain on the back is horizontal on one shelf and vertical on the other. But I'm NOT complaining. I'm just glad they are DONE and I can fill them. They are almost full already...

Sorry I've been MIA in the blogging realm. Too much to do, and not enough energy to do it all. I have two or three other posts started. I hope to have y'all caught up on our fairly non-eventful (HA!) lives before the baby comes. Speaking of the is coming up next week.

Oh, I did finally update this post with a picture of The Man's beard. Enjoy.


momawake said...

Gotta love those books! And a nice new place to put them. :)

Grandma said...

Maybe they'll be room for the new book I was bringing to Sacagawea (I'm still reading it). I got it at the musemum outside Baker, OR on my travels in June. The book "They Call Me Sacagawea" I couldn't pass it up!

Dewey Hafta Academy said...

7 rows, times 2. I won't even try to conceal my envy.

They turned out really nice - I'm thinking I need to show the pictures to my dh and ask him for something similar! (Never can have too many bookshelves, you know.)

Your men did a great job!

Nicole said...

Those are great shelves! Thanks for sharing!

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

If I ever learned to make bookshelves like that, we'd be in biggggg trouble! There'd be one in every room and it would be full in a day! Great work!