Monday, October 20, 2008

Not yet...Genesis 15:16

We did make it up to the hospital yesterday to see The Man's assistant's new baby. The attempted induction for a VBAC turned into an early morning c-section. Mom and 8 lb. baby boy are both doing well.

We went to visit the other man who had surgery on Friday, but were very surprised that he had already gone home!

This morning we are headed up to the big city for shopping and music lessons. There is a special group music lesson this afternoon that M's piano teacher wanted him to attend, so we switched days this week. We won't be back until after 7:00 tonight. A long, long day!


Natalie said...

I keep logging into blogger, hoping to see a new baby. I can't wait. I bet you guys are so excited by now.

Tina in CT said...

I hope the City is not too long a drive from your home.

Are you all ready for the baby with all the baby things washed, supplies in, casseroles in the freezor, lots of groceries in the house?

Lori said...

ditto what natalie said.

Cecelia said...

We're anxious for the arrival of our new little grandchild.

Francie said...

Yeah, so this post was two days ago! So, what's the news now???