Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Come with me...2 Kings 10:16

We started back to school yesterday. I need to find more things for A to do during our school time. She quickly finished her things and ran off to play. When she was bored with that she sought out The Dog.

After playing with A for awhile, The Dog retreated to the safety of his crate. The kids are not allowed to bother The Dog when he is in the crate. He spends quite a bit of time out of the crate, but he wants to be alone he heads for the crate.

In between lessons this morning I caught this picture.
A is silently imploring The Dog to come out. Yes, she was still in pajamas. No, I hadn't brushed her hair yet. She is dressed and properly groomed now. Really.

It is raining today. I need to run up to the city today to do some banking, shopping, and browsing at the library. The Man will be home to stay with whichever kids don't wish to go with me.

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