Monday, January 01, 2007

Every perfect gift...James 1:17

Happy New Year! From all of us, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Our big plans for the day include taking down the tree and shooting off rockets (again). We'll do that later this afternoon after The Man awakes. He just got home and went to bed because he's been working in the ER since last year. That means he hasn't slept since last year. He usually gets adequate sleep during his shifts, but last night being what it was, he didn't.

We had an enjoyable Christmas with family. There was way too much food, but at least we didn't have to visit the grocery store last week. We also received many wonderful gifts from friends and family. The one I've used the most is what I found at toe of the stocking from my parents.

Apparently my mother read this post. It is about 30 years late, but still much appreciated!

After making sure all my posts here were backed up, I just upgraded to the new Blogger. I'd put off making the switch because I just didn't want to deal with all the changes, but now is the time. I may get around to categorizing my posts.
Considering I've made less than 30 posts since starting this blog, it shouldn't take me too long to categorize them all. However, considering I've only had time to post less than 30 posts since starting this blog, don't hold your breath waiting for me to find the time to do it.

Here is one of S's gifts before its maiden voyage last week. It survived.

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