Monday, January 01, 2007

I am a child...Jeremiah 1:6

It was decided that J needed to do a bit more work on his new rocket before it will be ready to launch, so he suggested that everyone make their own rocket to launch today. Tin foil, construction paper, bits of cardboard, yarn and drinking straws were used to assemble their creations around the engines.

These are the four rockets the boys made. From left to right are J's, M's, S's (on the launch pad), and The Man's is the tiny one behind the big rock.

This is S adjusting his rocket. His went up a little ways and landed safely.

M's launched straight up (relatively) and then shot across the creek. The nose cone came off at the launch site.

J's went up, then crashed and burned.

Here is what was left of The Man's. His consisted of little more than the engine to begin with.
Said at supper tonight by a child who does not wished to be named: "When I was a kid I remember that...but then when I turned seven..." I hope they do have wonderful memories of being kids.

By the way, The Man said he should start his own blog. No, he doesn't have time for that, but he says he would like to post about not being allowed to have a motorcycle when he was little. He's heard that might be a good way to get one!

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Anonymous said...

Well, The Man is older now, but how much time does he think he would have to ride a motorcycle? Is it worth the investment. He thinks a blog would get him one? Hmm.
I heard from a reliable source that The Man will still be doing childlike activities when he's 80 years old. Don't give up the dream there's still time for the motorcycle!