Monday, January 08, 2007

The hawk...Job 39:26

Can you see it? It is right there in the middle of the trees. That big blob. Yes, a hawk. That's as close as I could get before it flew away. I turned and got another picture of it. It was very far away and I'd already maxed out the optical zoom on the camera. That's it in the upper left, flying with its wings outspread.
Does it look fat? It ought to. It ate a whole chicken this morning.

Now, before you start feeling too sad for M and his flock...we kept what was left of Ms. Chicken. Beak, skull, neck bones, a few wing bones and just a few wing feathers are all that remained. Although M was sad about the loss of the potential egg money, he thought the remaining bones were neat. The hawk picked it pretty clean.

We probably would never had found the pieces had The Man not called on his way to work this morning to inform us that the hawk was sitting on the fence post feasting.
M and I went down to the fenced orchard to search for the remains and found nothing. I had to go back to the house and call The Man to find out exactly where we should look. I guess we wouldn't make very good crime scene investigators.

The hawk may have been wise to get such a big meal in one swoop, but it will be pretty stupid if he tries it again. Mr. Rooster is not too happy right now.

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Jessica said...

You're right - your chicken was definately more gross! LOL