Thursday, January 04, 2007

Down to the floor...Ruth 3:3

Tonight I decided it was my turn to mop the floor. Since the former owner used a walker, there are parallel tracks worn in the finish of the linoleum. Every few months the floor needs more than the kids can handle to clean up those paths.

After I put the kids in bed The Dog hid in his crate. I started cleaning the kitchen/dining area floor about 8:30. Three hours later I was done. Sort of. Vacuuming the floor, mopping the floor, going over the worn spots with a Magic Eraser, and finally a coat of Future.

In the morning I'll move the table to the other end of the room and put some Future in that area. I need to call The Man in the morning before he leaves the ER to ask him to bring some more home from the city. I'm not sure there is enough left in the bottle to finish the area under the table. I've never used Future on this floor before, but the finish is pretty much gone.

The Dog is hiding in his crate. I got one of those combs the other day that is supposed to drastically reduce the amount of hair that he'll shed. I tried it out for a few minutes the other day and he didn't complain about it. He rolled over and let me brush him, but as soon as I paused he ran to his crate and wouldn't (willingly) come out for anything. I put the comb away and spent the day calling him to me and petting him. He is still leary, but he is coming around a bit.

Oh, we got snow today. It's been raining for the past day or so. This morning it turned to light flurries but the temperature was about 34 and nothing was sticking. About 3:00 as we went outside to do some chores I noticed the temperature had dropped to 33. The light flurries turned to near-blizzard conditions. By the time we came inside at 4:00 the snow had stopped and we had over an inch of snow on the ground. It was a lot prettier than the mud!

Off to check if the floor is dry so I can get to the utility room to throw some clothes into the dryer before bed. Good night!

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