Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Give him a stone...Luke 11:11

Here is the runway cake that M requested. I had no idea what a runway was supposed to look like so I found a satellite picture online of our local airport. It looked easy enough. M made the Lego airplane and I made the runway. It isn't to scale, but there were no complaints. I saw on the aerial view that there were some numbers at the end of the runway so I put M's age there. When he saw the cakes he noted that it actually meant the runway was at a compass heading of 130°. The other end of the runway (if I'd made the cake long enough) would have a 31 since it would be 180° different, or 310°. Okay. I guess he's been reading the flight books his uncle gave him. I just thought it would be a convenient place to put the age. We lined the edges of the runway with his 13 candles. They made wonderful landing lights.

The other night the man and I set up the flight simulator with the yoke so we could play with make sure it was all working. Once we got it all set up we didn't want to disconnect it all so we just put it under the computer desk with something over it to hide it. This left us with an empty box to wrap. Hmmm. Too light. I raided a few big rocks from M's rock collection and wrapped them in plastic bags to keep them from rattling around.

The kids wanted to know what was in that huge box for M. "Oh, it could be a box of rocks," I answered. They didn't believe me.

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