Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hairs of your head are all numbered...Matthew 10:30

I didn't want to do it.

Sacagawea was born she was nearly bald. She stayed that way for quite a while. Finally, it started to grow. Now, over five years later, the ends are looking pretty scraggly.

I cut her bangs last night. She was thrilled. I am happy to be able to see her face all the time, but it was difficult to give that first haircut.

Just one snip. I'll give myself a few days to get used to the bangs and then I'll trim up the rest of the hair.

The first haircuts with the boys were when they were around 2. One snip for the "first haircut" lock, then the electric clippers to finish them off with a buzz. I'll try to finish A's without the clippers.

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Rachael said...

When Kristen was four, we cut her hair from waist length to shoulder blades. I didn't want to, she had such pretty hair, but she HATED to have it brushed/washed, etc. and I was tired of the fight. Unfortunately, after that, she never had curly ringlets anymore. I've always missed them.